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Available from 30th June ‘Love Around’ is the very latest release from Samuel ‘CalledOut Music‘ Nwachukwu – a music producer, singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from Hampshire, England. This prolific yet humble young talent has previously topped the UK Christian Chart not once but twice, with ‘You’re Mine’ (March 2017 and ‘I Am Free’ (April 2018). He’s also had Top 10 hits including his debut single ‘Working On Me’.

Growing up in Nigeria, Samuel and his family moved to the UK when he was 12 years old. He began playing the piano at church aged 7 after his father bought him a keyboard, and that spark of creativity has not faded. CalledOut Music divided his time between writing hundreds of songs in his bedroom and his education.

After many years of producing original songs for musicals and featuring on other artists songs, he decided to embark on a solo music career, releasing his first single on his 21st birthday, signalling the birth of CalledOut Music. A devout Christian, Samuel’s diverse style of music strongly reflects his belief in Jesus, addressing social issues while sharing the good news of the Gospel. Although he shares an admiration for many gospel music greats like Fred Hammond and Richard Smallwood, CalledOut Music’s most significant influencer is Kirk Franklin.

The lyrics for this latest ‘Love Around‘ release are as simple as they are profound and speak from the heart of a generation intent on searching for and holding on to the true love of Jesus that never fails.

On June 16th 2018, UK Gospel Artiste RAE (Rachael Adebiyi) officially released her new single, a love song called “GREATEST LOVE”. The song is full of surprises and takes the listener on a journey reminding them of God’s love, which is likened to a father and his child. With it’s fun yet touching instrumentation, the song captures a great sense of the way God’s love makes RAE feel, using lyrics such as “when I see the sun rise up in the morning I think about your love” and asking God to “teach me to love like you”. RAE says “Love is a strong force that we can’t live without, 1 Corinthians 13:13 captures it all, how I long for us all to bask in the love of God all the days of our lives”

 RAE (Rachael Adebiyi) is UK female gospel artiste who started her singing journey from the age of 10, she says she was born to sing! She has also enjoyed song-writing from a very young age. She knew it was real when she would have dreams of herself singing on the stage to loads of people.  Whatever phase of her life, RAE would always fit singing in. Growing up Rae listened to Mary Mary, Cece Winans and remembers listening songs such as Virtue- ‘I must tell Jesus’ and Trinitee- ‘God’s grace’ during car rides with her mum. She was also a big fan of Alicia Keys.

When Rae is not singing, she is spending time with family and friends and pursuing a career as a TV/Radio presenter. As people often call her ‘Rae of Sunshine’ she wants people to experience the same joy and happiness that she feels. Most importantly she wants to walk in purpose and is at peace knowing that she is walking in her calling.









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